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Catnutrition.org was born in early 2003 out of excitement and exasperation. Excitement because I wanted to get the word out about the seeming ‘miracle’ that can happen when we start feeding our cats like the carnivores they are. Exasperation because there were so few web resources out there telling the truth about the folly of feeding dry food to cats. Exasperation that was multiplied by the overall lack of solid nutritional knowledge among vets. Catnutrition.org is:

  • and a place to learn about the relationship between diet and health in small cats.

So? Have a look. If you like what you see, tell your cat-loving friends. Most importantly, if you like it, please tell your vet.  Remember: feed well.


6 responses to “About catnutrition.org

  1. Hi Anne,
    As the owner of two wonderful cats, I’d like to compliment you on your work. I’ve read through your website and blog with fascination. Finally someone who put into words what many of us have instinctively been thinking – that the best diet for a cat is the diet nature meant for it… But allow me to vent some frustration as well…
    I won’t go into my own odyssey finding quality cat food, my cat’s urinary blockages, arguments with my vet, hours spent on the internet researching, my own pitiful attempts at serving homemade cat food … my biggest problem is that I live in France, a country firmly in the grip of pharmaceutical and other commercial giants powerful enough to put a stranglehold on anything that’s sensible, natural and non-mainstream! In any Anglo-saxon country (I’ve lived in the U.S. and in Australia) you have a choice – homeopathic vets, pet stores selling at least one or two quality brands of canned food, the odd ‘alternative’ thinking vet, people like yourself who care about what’s best for their pets and voice it – but here you can travel north and south and you won’t find anything but Supermarket brands and the usual kibble sold at vet clinics. NOTHING else, not even in specialist pet shops. For years I’ve had quality canned food shipped from Germany which – while not in the same category as your raw food – at least contains 60-70 percent human grade meat.
    On the whole, there is an appaling lack of knowledge of, or rather, disregard for the needs of an animal in French society (you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who gives a damn how the thousands of tons of ‘foie gras’ every year are ‘produced’).
    In the interest of all those poor kitties here – yes, the French will tell you they adore their cats (as long as they’re pretty, quiet and don’t put any demands on their owner) – I wish there was a fraction of the information available here that I find in the English-speaking world.
    Thanks for a great website, Anne (it’s looking very good by the way..), and the effort you’re putting into educating the veterinary community. I do suspect vets know better, by the way, but are ‘bought’ and gagged by their kibble-suppliers. Just about every vet has shelves full of that stuff – do Hills and the like actually set up their clinics for them? It just seems so odd that they’re all pushing the same stuff ..

    Kind regards,

  2. Comment regarding your post about feeding fish to cats:

    I directed the attention of another blogger I read to your post about feeding fish to cats. His blog is generally about human health and diet, but he is a vet so I thought I ‘d get his perspective.

    His comments are about mid-page, here, if you are interested in his comments on the post:


    On another note, bit by bit I’m finding people open to the idea of getting their carnivorous pets off dry kibble, especially in the aftermath of the recent pet food contamination issues. At least making raw food isn’t seen as such a strange thing anymore (not that I lose sleep over that 🙂 ).

    No amount of convenience or cost savings could lead me to put my two cats back on kibble. Once the problems with kibble became clear to me, became hard to see that kind of “food” as anything other than a slow form of food poisoning for pets. Thanks again for all you do. Your efforts have benefited so many cats and the families that care for them.

  3. Thank you for making such a great resource site and blog! I will be sharing it on my own blog and site.

  4. please continue giving us your valuable ideas and findings

  5. Hi Anne

    I stumbled across your website about a week and a half ago whilst researching cat food and nutrition, and I’m truly thankful that I did.

    My kitten Bella is 6 months old now, and we had been feeding her on Science Diet as recommended by our vet. After reading your information, I decided to switch to home-made raw food straight away.

    We made our first batch yesterday following your recipe; Bella loves it! I feel so much better knowing that she’s getting what she needs. I’ve already noticed that she doesn’t eat as much as she used to, and she purrs as she’s eating so it’s obviously tasty!

    Thank you so much for the work that you’ve done, and continue to do. Cats all over the world say thank you!

    Kind regards

  6. I’m sorry for your loss of Duke.

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